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A voice for the voiceless

“The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

Mahatma Gandhi

Training & Extension

  • Organizing and holding training courses / workshops to create greater awareness about Animal Welfare amongst the general population in Zimbabwe.
  • Training of Division of Veterinary Field Services and Dept of Livestock and Veterinary Services staff in welfare issues.
  • Training individuals to become inspectors under the act.
    Holding impromptu and planned, meetings in places where Animal Welfare issues are deemed critical (even on the roadside if necessary)
    Visiting urban and rural areas to assess the standard of Animal Welfare and responding accordingly.
    Advising the Veterinary Profession on animal welfare developments in Zimbabwe and internationally.
    Assisting on the re-drafting of animal welfare legislation.



  • Following up cases of suspected animal cruelty that come to the notice of the public, Veterinarians and others in the course of their work and taking action on site, if required.
  • Working with the legal authorities to facilitate prosecution, where necessary.
  • Investigating the background issues in Animal Welfare, especially where acts of cruelty are committed, or Animal Welfare is otherwise compromised, for commercial purposes.



  • Consulting / holding regular meetings with Zimbabwe bodies such as Zimbabwe Vetinary Association, Dept of Veterinary Services, local government organizations, farmers unions, ZRP, Parks & Wildlife Management Authority.
  • Working closely with Director and staff of the division of Veterinary Field Services, in particular Deputy Director (Training & Extension) and Head of Wildlife Veterinary Unit.
  • Maintaining a relationship with the Zimbabwe media to promote VAWZ and raise animal welfare awareness.
  • Consulting and working with, other Zimbabwe animal welfare organisations on matters of mutual concern.
  • Maintaining links with international organisations which have an interest in animal welfare in Zimbabwe.

 Special Projects

  • Livestock Transportation.
  • Donkey/horse Welfare.
  • Capture, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release of stray/straying dogs and cats.
  • Humane Education in School.
  • Wildlife Conservation and protection.
  • Importation of Domestic and exotic pets or commercial.

 Regular and Routine Inspections of:

  • Security company guard dogs.
  • Service animals.
  • Pet shops.
  • Research Laboratories.
  • Companies that utilise captive wildlife for recreation and commercial purpose (zoo parks ,crocodile farms etc.)

 Rescue & Investigation

  • Responding to cruelty/abuse reports received from the public.
  • Uplifting of abandoned animals.
  • Capture of stray dogs and cats.
  • Ambulatory service for injured, diseased or sick animals. (Road traffic accidents)
  • Arrest and prosecution of vendors illegally selling animals and puppies on the side of the road.
  • Rescue of animals in emergency or disaster situations.