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Frequently asked questions

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”

What should I do if i find a stray dog?

There are a large number of “stray” dogs in most towns of Zimbabwe. Many of these dogs are not genuine strays, but rather “straying” dogs. Dogs which have left their homes usually in search for food or perhaps following a female in season. For many dogs, scavenging for food is a daily routine and they usually find their way back once their mission is complete.

Genuine strays are often not easy to approach and we advise the public to rather notify relevant authorities who have the necessary expertise and equipment to catch and handle these animals. Chances are dogs wont have been vaccinated against Rabies – a problem which is on the increase in Zimbabwe, or any other disease and you may be putting yourself and your own pets at risk.

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How do I catch a stray or lost dog?

There are, however. Cases of genuine lost dogs – these are usually easy to approach as they have socialised and used to being handled. If possible, catch the dog and take it to the nearest vet surgery, in the hopes the owner will look for it there. Please also inform any other vet surgeries in the area, the local SPCA, Friend Animal Foundation and ourselves, giving full description of the dog and where it was found. Bambazonki mail will also put an advert on their email site for free.

If a dog shows any sign of aggression, do not put yourself in danger, rather call the authorities. It is very useful if you can wait with the dog until someone arrives as after they have moved from the reported site they are difficult to find.